At the Orcières 1850 resort, go to the central ticket office of the ski lifts (to the right of the P3 car park of the tourist office). Then take the telemix of Drouvet 1 and Drouvet 2.


Information about ski lift rates here.

Accessible for all

Big and small, come fly. We welcome children from 10 years old in winter, weather permitting (inquire or call us before coming).


Record to beat: 87 years! Come dethrone our dean.



If you come from the south, from Gap (Hautes Alpes) take the D944 towards the pass Col de Manse, Pont du Fossé.


If you come from the north, you arrive by the N85 towards Gap (do not go to Gap). After Brutinel, take the D14 on the left towards Pont du Fossé.


From Pont du Fossé follow signs for Orcières (15km). After the village of Orcières  go up to the station Orcières 1850.


Gap / Orcières bus schedule:


Train schedule:
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