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The Zipline is situated 2665 meters (8743 feet) high at the summit of Orcières 1850 ski resort. You will fly over a distance of 1870 meters (6135 feet) above the mountains and reach a peak speed of 130km/h (81 mph). It will take you 120 meters (390 feet) above ground.

It is an activity with no risks, accessible to everyone and to be discovered with your family or a group of friends. Children from 7 years old are welcome if the meteorological conditions allow it.


The final approach is very smooth without any jolts and Denis will unhook you safely; your only job is to enjoy yourself and admire the beautiful view.

Winter Equipement 

We will attach you with both harness and safety harness and provide you with a helmet. We can also attach your rucksack if you have one.


Please bring:


- Appropriate shoes (you will be up a mountain!).

- Glasses to shield your eyes from the wind as you go down.

- A warm vest, a windproof jacket or a fleece (temperatures at this altitude can reach - 10oC (14oF) in summer!)

- Feel free to bring your video camera, camera and any other recording devices for the flight



Do people want to see you take off? Bring them along! They can come up to the departure area (with a pedestrian pass) by taking the "telemix" of Drouvet 1 and Drouvet 2.


The pass will also allow them to go back down to the station using the same ski lifts.


They can join you at the bottom of the zipline by walking down the "Lacs d’orcières" hike trail which starts at the peak of Drouvet (start of the zipline) and goes through the Estaris Lake (end of zipline).


This should take approximately 1h to walk.


Option 1: Hike trail of the Estaris Lakes


You will arrive 100 meters away from the great lake of the Estaris. You will be able to follow the hike trail of the "Lacs d’Orcières" (45 min walk) and join the Rocherousse plateau where the “telemix” of Rocherousse can take you down to the ski resort (see timetable).

Alternatively, the hike continues up to the resort (1h walk from Rocherousse).

Take of advantage of the scenery to have a picnic on the lakefront of one of the 6 mountain lakes along your way.


Option 2: Going through Rocherousse


Get to the Rocherousse plateau through the Rochasson ski slope (15 min) and go down to the ski resort with the cable car.

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